We offer more than beauty products; we provide unique tools for driving confidence, enabling women to awaken the inner beauty that already exists within. Contemporary, innovative, products offer exceptional quality and deliver professional results while still emphasizing simplicity. Our exquisite formulas are designed with all beauty needs in mind, making them the perfect one-and-done tools. Let MOIRA help you achieve the right look for your personality and awaken the confidence within. Be the self-assured woman that inspires others to initiate positive life changes and take control of their own destiny.

At MOIRA, the globe is our beautysphere. We continuously search the world to discover new ingredients and techniques that can enhance every woman’s individual, natural beauty. Women emerge more confident, more radiant, and more ready to create their destiny.

Sintex is a South Korean fabric company

with over 20 years of experience specializing especially in the night out/wedding apparel fabrics. Sintex has been a main vendor for David’s Bridal for over 10 years, with buyers in America, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Canada, and more. Sintex prides itself in its unique ability to maintain color match on all their products. Regardless of what fabric they dye all colors from Sintex are guaranteed to match from order to order. This has been a key differentiating point and competitive advantage in a very competitive fashion industry.

Jin Woo, also the founder of Like Dreams and Dream Control,

has worked in the fashion industry for nearly 30 years as a manufacturer for major brands like Betsey Johnson, Calvin Klein, and French Connection UK. In 2008, she launched her own vision, Dream Control, a luxury hat brand that catered to celebrities and high-end customers who were drawn to the brand’s exquisite handcrafted designs. 
Jin launched her high-end, luxury bag line, Jin Woo, to better realize her vision to be a catalyst in a groundbreaking movement of unique modern women who seek to bring color and life to their dreams, their fashion statements a reflection of the future. Like Dreams aims to arm future generations with affordable and distinct style in the hopes that we will all draw one step closer to living life like dreams.

Hills Beauty Club is a premier beauty and hair salon

and an integral sponsor and supporter of Grace Moon, developing and seeing to fruition the hair and makeup that is so important to the runway. Hair and makeup has been one of the most raved points by critiques and spectators alike.

Cellymoon is a cosmetic company that believes that nature

is the ideal source for health and skincare, as well as a source of energy and continuously strives to search for better raw ingredients to maximize the best effects on the skin. Utilizing the best materials from the Andes and Amazon, Cellymoon products promotes blood flow and circulation to ensure a healthier and younger complexion,


Truezyme started with the goal to protect consumers, their skin and scalp, from harmful chemicals and environment we come into contact everyday. Regardless of gender, everyone goes through trouble with skin and scalp irritation and trouble. Truezyme offers a simple and safe solution through daily use of Truezyme’s products. Utilizing top quality organic ingredients from Jeju Island as well as Jeju’s mineral enriched spring water and the effective benefits of Korean herbal medicine, Truezyme implements state-of-the-art technology to ferment the ingredients to produce products effective in protecting skin and scalp health. Truezyme prides itself on being eco-friendly and completely organic as it does not use any petrochemical components. Truezye’s products are also green level certified by the EWG. Truezyme strives to continue to develop products that will help our customers in living a vibrant and healthy life.

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